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Irone Care Products

All of our Wax and Cleaning clothes are available in various sizes.

Bed Cleaner Cloth

For the removal of residues and deposit in the trough. We recommend a regular application for an improved gliding ability.

- Bed Cleaner Cloth with grinding fleece
- Bed Cleaner Cloth with STAX Steelwol
- Bed Cleaner Cloth INOX Standard (Dark red)
- Bed Cleaner Cloth INOX Aramid (Orange)

Wax Cloth

Consists of a Nomex fabric with a siliconized wax bag for even distribution of the wax in the chest.

- Wax Cloth Aramid with Silicon wax bag
- Wax Cloth for High Power Ironers

Cleaning Glove

For manual cleaning of impurities and deposits.

Special Abrasive fleece

For mechanical cleaning of heavy impurities and deposits

Special Grinding Line 240

To remove scratches or massive rigid deposits from the chest surface.